Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Indian visa's and their regulations

Indian visas and their regulations

Each visa type tourist (T), entry (X), employment (E), and person of indian origins (PIO) Card each have different registration requirements, as listed below:

  • Tourist : No registration required because you are unable to stay over **180 DAYS DAYS UNLESS** you go to a neighboring country and re-enter India within 2 months (which requires a re-entry letter, either granted from the Indian Consulate you got the tourist visa at, or from the neighboring country. For this you need to show it is an emergency, or your return itinerary) and in that case you **MUST** register within 14 days of arrival. Remember this is also at the discretion of the immigration officer. You CANNOT work on this type of visa.
  • Entry : You must register if you are planning to stay over 180 days. This visa is now being issued to Indian nationals instead of tourist visas. This is a "catch-all" visa, it is used for dependants who are here with spouses / parents who are on a Employment visa. If you are planning to stay over 180 days you **MUST** register before the 180 days is up. You CANNOT work on this type of visa.
  • Employment : You must register within **14 DAYS**. This visa is required if you plan to **WORK** for an Indian company within India.
  • Business : You must register within **14 DAYS** if you plan to stay over 180 days. This visa is issued only if you are coming to India to work for a foreign company.
  • PIO (Person of Indian Origin) card :  This is issued to people of Indian descent and their spouses and/or children. The length issued is 15 years. This visa requires registration if you plan to stay over 180 days. With this you are allowed the same rights as a Indian citizen EXCEPT you can not vote, hold agricultural land, nor a government job.


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