Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bangla reporters...

The other day I met up with a friend for coffee at the Indian Coffee House. As usual, it was crowded. We didn't find a table downstairs so we went upstairs to look for a table. We went to the side, and to my right I saw a television station (which one I have no idea except that it said bangla বাংলা) and something told me that they would probably come and try to talk to us. Next thing I know the reporter had come over and was asking us if I knew about the "International Women's Day" on March 8th, I replied noncommittally (I had no intention, or desire, of being on TV) and told him maybe my friend had some thoughts. So he asked her and so she replied and and agreed to be filmed. The reporter wanted me to stand by her, to which I again said no. They asked her the questions and then left.

Then, while he was leaving he asked me, "What is with you?" I replied in bangla, "Aami korte hobe na. Aami korte chaichhi na." (I don't have to do anything. I am not wanting to do it.) LOL

On top of everything, I could barely understand his English, he had such a heavy accent.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Samsung, oh, Samsung

The last few days my charger on my netbook has been giving me some issues. So, when it stopped charging completely this morning I wasn't surprised. I dug out my receipt and realized that the warranty expires tomorrow. With this realization I got up and decided to go get it looked at.

I had been to the Samsung service center before and was slightly anxious as to what would happen. There was a different service agent at the desk today, and he asked me what was wrong. I told him what was wrong and he said ok, took my charger and my laptop and confirmed it. Then they tried it with their charger and it was charging perfectly, thus it was a charger problem (thank goodness not a problem with the connection in the laptop!) and then the other guy I had dealt with before came out, and I was thinking, "Oh, help me if he tries to say something stupid." He asked me what the problem was and I told him it wasn't charging, to that he replied, "a windows problem?" and I said, "No, it's not charging" again repeating what I had just said a few seconds earlier. They gave me a replacement charger and I asked them about extending my warranty, and they told me I had to go to the store I purchased it from in order to get that. So after conferring with DH, off to that store I went.'s where the fun began. When I arrived at that store they took me next door (apparently 2 of the stores have merged...) and I asked them and they immediately told me I had to go upstairs to the Samsung store. So, up I went. When I got there they told me no, that I had to purchase it from the same store I purchased the computer from.

Well...I hate wild goose chases, and I could tell if I didn't do something this was going to be one.

I went back to the place where they told me I had to go to the Samsung store, and in a rude loud voice I said, "Someone tell me NOW, where *EXACTLY* I need to go to get this done. My warranty expires TODAY!" In reply to this, both of the salesman started calling people on their cellphones, and one said that someone would bring me one, but I would need to wait an hour. Wait I did.

Next, I was told by DH to read the terms and conditions before I purchased it and before I left the store. I had to repeat the request to another salesman before I was given the booklet that had the information I requested. I purchased the extended warranty and was given the paper with all the information on it.

The paper had 2 numbers on it, a toll-free and another one. I was told to call the toll-free one, after dialling it twice and seeing that it was not going through I had told one of the people at the store. They didn't say anything, but I was given a business card from the Samsung Service Center and so I tried the other phone number (the toll-free one is apparently just for BSNL numbers) and so then I got through and spoke to a lady. I swear she just couldn't understand my English, even though I was speaking very slowly (which is very strange to me...) and enunciating. She then tried to transfer me, but there was no answer, so she set a call back.

Next thing I know, someone is saying "Asun, asun" (come, come) and leads me to yet another man who is getting on his cell phone and asking what needs to be done for registration. He tells me, and so I am frustrated because I have a feeling that if I don't get this done today that I won't be able to get the warranty fixed (just my feelings...) and so I get annoyed because I'm already over heated and hungry. I was told I needed to scan some papers and email them, so I called DH and asked him if he knew where I could get some scans, and found a place.

I went to the place, and I had taken a taxi and the fare was Rs 50 ($1USD) and when I gave the driver a 50 rupee note, he asked for change, to which I replied I didn't have change (I don't like giving all my 10 rupee notes out like that...) and so then he asked for a 100 rupee note and gave me 50 rupees back. Why, I have no flipping clue!

I got the scans, took a taxi and came home. Here, DH tells me to hurry and e-mail the people before end of business day. I sent out the email, and now I wait. :-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My apologies...

I'm sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been rather busy lately, as I've had to consult a rheumatologist. I've had bad knees since my US Army days in 2001. Well, they've been getting worse for the year and a half, so I went to see the dr. He said I have a severe vitamin D deficiency and therefore I have been taking a few medicines...these medicines upset my body. But I am getting used to them. I will try to be more consistent in my blogging.

Now, a count down...just 1 year and my mom is coming to visit for her first time! YEAH!