Friday, June 10, 2011

Surprises in India

Yesterday I had gone out to pick up a snack for DH and I, so I took a rickshaw from our house to the closest Subway. The fare is Rs 15 (33 cents or so) and so off we went. Well...I had gotten some 10 rupee coins (instead of bills) the other day so I had given the rickshaw wallah 5 coins, a 10 rupee coin, 2 2 rupee coins, and a 1 rupee coin. He looked at the amount of coins, and started to say, "dekhun...(look...)" when I said, "Dada, dekhun, ekta dosh-ta taka kuchro achhe. (Dada, look there is a 10 rupee coin)" to which he replied, "oh, achchha! (oh, ok...)" and started laughing. Apparently he had never heard or seen a 10 rupee coin (I think?) and no idea that is what I had given him and then I went on my way.

Next...I crossed the street and got the subs we wanted. :-) Then, I flagged down an auto rickshaw, because the intersection was quite congested and I didn't want to have to walk across it, and asked him "opar-e jabe? (will go you above? above meaning to the other side of the crossing) and to which he replied yes. So I get in the auto. The fare is 4 rupees (around 10 cents) and when I tried to give him a 10 rupee note he just waved his hand, I had assumed he meant to give it to him later, so again, when we crossed and had stopped I tried again. This time he said, "Naa, thak, thak (No, leave it, leave it)"

Never before have I had someone not take the fare, even if it is only Rs 4. I was surprised and shocked, and went on my way to come back home. :-)

Oh, and our cook has been absent the last 2 nights (and like 3 or 4 days before that...) because she got hit by a bus! At least she is ok, and is not more seriously injured. :-) This also means DH has to cook for me...or we order in (LOL) or his sister or mother cook, because I only know how to make maggi, toast, eggs, and tea.