Monday, October 25, 2010

How DH and I met

The way we met was not very romantic, and it was not "love at first sight" :)

We were introduced online by a group of mutual friends. DH has been around before, but I had merely said hi to him in passing, nothing major. He messaged me and translated something that I had no idea what was being said. After that we started talking and quickly became friends. Always speaking when we were both online, talking about everything and nothing. We realized that we were starting to always look for the other and when one was not there, we were disappointed.

After this we began talking almost everyday whenever we had free moments. We soon realized we were more than just friends and there it began.


  1. Hey "Cha na coffee?"!

    I don't know what exactly to call you, but welcome welcome to the blogging world. :-) Looks like we started around the same time and I'm excited to read more about all the great stories and adventures and misadventures that you'll be posting here.

    Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll. Mine is in the process and will be up soon.


  2. @Aman,

    Thanks! I will be post more soon!