Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Swimming adventures

So, in an effort to get some exercise (and within the standards that are allowed by my knees) I decided to start swimming. I wanted to this last year, but then I was informed that all of the swimming "clubs" had stopped taking applications. This year I made extra sure to get my application in on time. The club I chose was Anderson, or ILSS, since some of our goods friends are members there.

I got the application on the 10th (cost 60 rupees / $1) and had to hand it in on the 18th. I had to give 2 passport photos and have a doctor "sign" my medical release. This meant I went to the club's doctor and paid him 25 rupees (50 cents) and he just signed the paper. I handed it in and paid my Rs 2000 ($33.39) and was given a receipt and told to come back on the 18th for my ID card.

At this point, I also had to purchase a suit from them since they require that all suits have the 'ILSS' logo or else they won't be allowed in the pool. Plus a retarded looking shower cap with ties...yeah, I'm sure we all look pretty sexy.

The pool is divided into 2 sections (length wise) and separated by some sprinklers that shoot up, so that the kids that are learning to swim don't get run over. Otherwise the other half of the pool is up for grabs and most people swim laps.

So, I've learned (after 2 days of swimming) that is going to be easier on me if I start to just wear my suit to the pool and change after, since there is always a rush for the bathroom for showers and changing. I also learned the 1st day that I should get out a few minutes early in order to have the bathroom free so I don't have to wait in line to change into dry clothes.

Anyways, back to today. I'm sitting on the bench waiting patiently for my turn to change. Next to me is this older lady who all of a sudden takes off her salwar bottoms. I'm thinking okay, she's just getting ready to go to the bathroom to change. Then I realize you can see her panties and I'm like grossed out. thing I know she's draping her upper body with her dupatta and then all of a sudden the suit is going up the legs and the kurta is coming off. Thankfully she's still covered with her dupatta, and bam! She's changed. Mind you the room is full of small boys, but still? Come on lady!

Then across the room I see this other lady pulling off her pants. Fine, her kurta covers her butt and all so no wardrobe malfunctions. Then I saw her holding up her pants and carefully pulling her panties out of the pants. Yuck!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Well, DH and I just came back from a lovely week in the Dooars (jungles of West Bengal)along with some friends. I'll post about the trip in a day or so, seeing as we are still recovering from the attack of allergies and congestion that converged upon us when we arrived back in polluted Kolkata! :)

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Tung Nam

DH and I have been eating out at a lot more new (and out of the way) places these days. This time it was to a place we've seen photos and heard about the food, but never been to before. It's called Tung Nam, and its located in Tiretti Bazaar, or Old China Town. It's just off the Central Metro station and to the Tiretti Bazaar side. Once you come out, just cross the statue of a man on a horse, and go straight down the road where the cars are coming in and you'll spot this little joint. The only thing is, it closes between 3 and 6pm. Don't be discouraged by the lack of decoration, the food is amazing! It is also very cheap. For 3 bowls of wonton soup you will pay around Rs 280, seeing as they are Rs 90 a bowl.

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This is all that you will see.

This is their amazing wonton soup. I love this stuff. This is a meal in itself. Add a bit of soy sauce,
their chili vinegar sauce and some chili sauce and it's amazing!

Steamed pork rice!

Steamed Noodles, I didn't try this, so I don't know how it is,
but looks a little bland to me.

Pork Hamie, this was had with the noodles (for DH and a friend) and the
Pork itself was good, and I can imagine it went well with the steamed noodles.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Hotel Raj Homely Restaurant

Today DH and I decided to go out for lunch. We didn't want any meat because there is both mutton and chicken cooked at home and we would eat that for dinner. So, we decided to go for something veg, or some other meat. We also wanted to try a new place. So we landed up at Hotel Raj Homely Restaurant today. This is located at 10/2, Manohar Pukur Rd, Kalighat, Kolkata. Incidentally, this is a Southern Indian restaurant!

Today we had some pizza, as another friend posted about it here. We went and sat in the AC section and soon had decided what we wanted. Here are photos of our food. 

Papdi Chat Rs 52

We ordered the Al Fungi pizza (Rs 152) and added Fresh Tomatoes (Rs 15 extra) and Black Olives (Rs 60 extra)

I loved the pizza. I'm definitely going to go back and get it again!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Oh, for those of you who take auto's around Kolkata be aware that the fares are going up.

The new fares (I've experienced recently) are :

Gariahat to Ruby (or vice versa) is now Rs 10, but if you get down on the Bijon Setu (at the train station) it's only Rs 8, and to Fern Road is Rs 9. This raise is from Rs a bit steep. I still remember when it would cost me Rs 5 to get to Gariahat.

Also, now from Ruby to Jadavpur Thana it's Rs 10 from Rs 9.

Also, for taxi's the fare has gone up (quite some time back though...) and the calculation is quite complicated. The formula is Amount on Meter  multiplied by 2.4 and then you add Rs 1. So if the meter says Rs 24, the formula is 24 x 2.4 = Rs 57.6 + Rs 1 = 57.6, so rounded up it's Rs 58. Complicated I know...

Ah, and a few times I've taken taxi's that have their meters recalibrated. Meaning, the meter will read Rs 25 when they turn it on and then you just pay what is shown at the end of the trip. It's kinda trippy, I've only taken these 2 times (both times with DH, thank god, because I didn't know about the recalibration thingy) and I'm always thinking "The taxi driver needs to reset his meter" until I remember and then I'm like what an idiot! LOL


Okay, yeah I really really suck at this whole blog writing thing...I really should write more, I know. The problem is I keep thinking I need to blog about this, but then I totally forget. I need to start writing down my ideas.

Nothing new is going on...just with the weather going from warm and humid to rainy and cold I've been stuck with a cold pretty much non-stop for the last few weeks. Not. Cool!

Friday, August 09, 2013

They Love Me Here...I think?

Okay, you know you go to some places way too often when these sorts of things happen. 

I love Banana Leaf, a small south indian food joint, within walking distance from Rashbehari metro (towards Gariahat). When I go I normally order 1 or 2 plates of rasam idli, depending on how hungry I am, and if I want some filter coffee. This is how it normally goes when I walk in after I sit down.

The waiter normally hands me a menu, and I look at him, and tell him I don't need it. If it's one of my normal waiters they just ask me "rasam idli?" and I smile and nod. They even know to give me extra rasam instead of the coconut chutney. They give good, fast service. :-)

The other place that DH and I go to a lot is Oly Pub, on Park Street. Now here, see we go a lot. Here we get amazing service. So here are the ways you know we go there too often

1 - we order a plate of chicken sandwiches, which is 3 sandwiches cut diagonally, normally served on one big plate. Well, one of our waiters will give 2 small plates with 3 pieces on each. This must mean he pays attention to how we share our food...or he just splits them up evenly. 

2 - I, well both of us can really but it's easier for me, can bypass the entire line (especially on the busy weekends) and normally get a table instantly or after a short wait. Normally this only works if we find a waiter who serves us or we go upstairs and into the back.

3 - The door guy (we normally give him Rs 10-20 when we leave) will tell either me or DH (whoever comes later if we come separately) where the other is sitting. Awesome! This means I don't have to search everywhere for DH.

4 - We also give the guy who cleans the tables, gives ice, and whatnot Rs 20 when we leave. We do this for a reason. If he sees us come in and knows there is going to be an empty table he will tell others that the table is not empty and give it to me. Also, I know he will watch out for me if I'm waiting for others.

5 - We normally don't have to tell them our drink order. They normally bring us Old Monk and pour us our standard large pegs. This happens unless we specify we want beer. Then they bring it.

6 - Sometimes we sit downstairs, and some guys get rowdy we go upstairs. When we tell them what happens they sort of get irritated.

7 - They aren't intimidated by my Bengali and just talk to me, :-)

I love Oly! Those are the 2 places we go to a we get good service :-)