Friday, October 29, 2010

The "Puja" Police

Last night, DH, a friend and I went out for dinner at one of our favorite local joints. We had taken a taxi and were driving in, just talking. All of a sudden we noticed that the car in front of us was stopped, and was surrounded by a group of local boys, probably homeless children, or something...just being bullies. Mind you these kids weren't police, not trainees even. They were wearing dirty ragged clothes, and looked like they hadn't bathed in a day or two, and were just looking to get some easy money in the name of religion...

Well, it was our turn next. One kid stood in front of the taxi, therefore we couldn't just leave. I didn't understand the conversation as it was in hindi, but basically the gist was the kids wanted money for the "gods" (which they would then promptly pocket, I'm sure...) and the taxi driver was arguing that he was a taxi driver and he wouldn't give anything. So then the taxi driver started to drive away, and the kid fortunately moved, cuz you know, who would want to be run over? :-)

Then we get down, and my friend went to pay the meter and got in an argument with the driver. The driver was asking for 10 rupees extra to give them so they wouldn't hassle him. My friend promptly told the taxi driver, "You should have let him deal with us. They wouldn't have said anything to us, they couldn't have." (in hindi of course, you know, but was translated for me.) The driver wasn't given the 10 rupees, only the fare, and then we went for dinner and drinks.

Oh, yeah, and DH said to me, here, now you can blog about this. LOL!!


  1. "now you can blog about this" very funny! :)

  2. I agree with thedosagirl about how cute and funny that comment was. My fiance is really getting into giving me ideas for the blog and advice of what it should look like and stuff, which is cute that he wants to be involved with it. He technically already is a lot because he helped me to get the domain name and set it up. He treats it as if we're all in some secret society of women bloggers, and I think he just doesn't want to feel left out or something. lol.

  3. Technically you are only supposed to pay "pujor chaNda" for your neighborhood pujo; but this sometimes gets very ugly. Places like College Street / Sealdah come to mind where the local toughs used to collect from all and sundry.