Friday, August 31, 2012

Booze for Auto Fare?

Yesterday DH and I left Kolkata to go to Delhi to go to the MHA for my visa problem. We arrived today and spent most of the day recuperating (since neither of us can sleep very well on the train...we both had upper berth's and the swaying was insane!)

So...anyways, around 730pm we went for a walk and decided we wanted some booze, namely Old Monk rum, since we consider it the best. I bought some Chicken Reshmi Kebab while DH went to go pick up the booze.

Apparently there was a jam and so the autowallah (the auto driver) told DH "I will park and wait for you here, there is the booze shop around the corner" and gave him 10 rupees so DH would buy him some liquor too (Haveldaar, whatever that is...). Apparently the autowallah was going to trade the booze for the fare. LOL

But...then DH fucked up and bought a 30 rupee quarter of the WRONG BOOZE (the one the driver wanted should have been 60 rupees). Hehehe! The autowallah commented "This is the 30 rupee the 60 rupee one is better to drink, but never mind." and brought him back.

Then DH proceeded to try to give the autowallah 50 rupees, which the autowallah tried to tell DH he didn't want, but DH told the autowallah to take it because of his fuck up. :-)

The start of many of our adventures in Delhi, since we are here at least until Tuesday-ish...let's see :)