Sunday, October 27, 2013


Oh, for those of you who take auto's around Kolkata be aware that the fares are going up.

The new fares (I've experienced recently) are :

Gariahat to Ruby (or vice versa) is now Rs 10, but if you get down on the Bijon Setu (at the train station) it's only Rs 8, and to Fern Road is Rs 9. This raise is from Rs a bit steep. I still remember when it would cost me Rs 5 to get to Gariahat.

Also, now from Ruby to Jadavpur Thana it's Rs 10 from Rs 9.

Also, for taxi's the fare has gone up (quite some time back though...) and the calculation is quite complicated. The formula is Amount on Meter  multiplied by 2.4 and then you add Rs 1. So if the meter says Rs 24, the formula is 24 x 2.4 = Rs 57.6 + Rs 1 = 57.6, so rounded up it's Rs 58. Complicated I know...

Ah, and a few times I've taken taxi's that have their meters recalibrated. Meaning, the meter will read Rs 25 when they turn it on and then you just pay what is shown at the end of the trip. It's kinda trippy, I've only taken these 2 times (both times with DH, thank god, because I didn't know about the recalibration thingy) and I'm always thinking "The taxi driver needs to reset his meter" until I remember and then I'm like what an idiot! LOL


Okay, yeah I really really suck at this whole blog writing thing...I really should write more, I know. The problem is I keep thinking I need to blog about this, but then I totally forget. I need to start writing down my ideas.

Nothing new is going on...just with the weather going from warm and humid to rainy and cold I've been stuck with a cold pretty much non-stop for the last few weeks. Not. Cool!