Thursday, March 03, 2011

Seriously, did that just happen to ME?!?!

Sunday and Monday I had the pleasure to meet Sharell who also blogs about her inter-cultural relationship. Monday we went out and around and we got accosted by little beggar kids. At one point we were in a taxi, and there were these 2 little kids who came up and were like, "aunty, aunty, chocolate!" and "money". After the kids became enough of a irritation, Sharell rolled up her window, and then they proceeded to the other side of the cab. Then the other window went up, and then they went to the front window. Hmm, I've never seen them like this!

But today I was walking around at Gariahat today running my errands when I stopped to buy something at a corner stop, nothing abnormal about it. I paid and as I'm putting my things in my purse, the storekeeper calls "Hey!" to this bunch of 4 beggar kids. I just hold on to my stuff, and keep walking, ignoring the calls of "aunty, aunty" and other things meant to make me give them money.

Well, the next thing that happened completely shocked me. I felt this little hand grope my **ASS** and I mean hard enough for me to feel that he had cupped his hand and did it. I thought in my head, "Did that really just happen?" Not knowing whether the appropriate thing to do was to slap the kid upside the head, or whatnot I glared at the kid and sped away, especially since I wasn't sure which kid was the culprit.

After this I came home and discussed it with DH. Next time, I will smack the bugger and drag him to the police station. Just because I'm white doesn't mean I'm easy prey. So, if you grab my ass without permission again, you better watch out!


  1. That is absolutely horrible!!!

  2. As insensitive as it may sound, smacking or slapping is the best thing, these beggar kids are trained to recognise soft targets, foreigners are the softest of all and inducing guilt is easy so they get away with doing things they could not even try with a local, touching and rubbing yourself on someone will guarantee a mega slap or kick if done to an indian but to a foreigner you will find them just speed away uneasily in a bad case senario.
    Had a little girl pulling hard on my purse, a kid trying to climb in my Auto to get my purse, and a kid rubbing his dirt and lice all over my pants while on the back of DH's bike, The girl who grab me by the purse I kicked away, the kid that climbed into the Auto got kicked out harshly by the driver, and the lice infested one got a taste of DH's kicks and insults.

  3. I had a small girl toutch my brests in Delhi, because I would not give her any money. The girl i were with grabbed the girl by the hand, and said very firmly NO. Then we left. I was a bit shocked, like I guess you must have been.

  4. yeah...well I wasn't sure what to do, so I just kept time I'll smack the kid for sure and drag him to the police station like DH said

  5. I totally support Cyn. Unfortunately, there's no room for pity in these situations. :-( They are very opportunistic and you'll be taken advantage of other wise. I literally had to fight a group of beggar children in Kolkata once because they'd surrounded a white friend and wouldn't let her get away.

    BTW, was great to meet you CNC.

  6. Hi I dropped in here from Sharell's blog. I must say the same thing happens in Mumbai. These kids are trained to find targets and some how scoop out money or eatables. But you have to be firm to get them off your back. I have seen foreigners being accosted and they usually yield to their demands, obviously because they are not used to such situations.

  7. Hi I clicked in here from TBGs blog...
    This is such a sickening experience , but yes you should always be firm and really slap and smack if someone does it . Taking them to the police may wait ( you decide that after you are done with the smacking) but really , they should not see you as a soft target. I have myself seen this happening ( i am a dark brown skin :)) ...these people just see if the person looks like being easily 'giving'...they touch and make us that we give them something quickly to get rid of them....sick , but we need to learn a few things if we want to walk freely on the streets.

  8. @Sangeeta,

    Welcome! :-)

    Yes, I've since learned that it's the best option and am ready to do so in the event that it happens again :-) I *hate* being a target in the place i live :(

  9. I have no idea what I would have done in that situation. Mostly likely they would have gotten a firm slap.

    PS- I haven't been on your site in a while. I love the layout!

  10. @Jess,

    Thanks! :-) I've been preparing myself in the event I have to do that, and hoping that it doesn't happen again!!!

    Thanks I "like" the new layout...I'm not in love with it, but I'm not a geek, so I'm trying to get one of my friends to do a custom one, or I'll just keep changing them until I'm in LOVE with one!! lets seeeeeeee :-)

  11. How horrible!

    But contrary to some advise, I would not slap any of those children. If it is some youngster/teenager - yes, for sure! But not a child. You don't know who is watching and you could get into trouble. Be rude, be loud, but don't be physical. Hm... on second thought: maybe if you have Indians with you, a shove or a slap on the hands would be suitable, but not when you are alone.

  12. These kids just don't know any other way of life, it's sad. I once took the wrong bus in Cairo, Egypt alone and ended up in this really weird part of town. A child with a stick that was set on fire was going around trying to poke everyone with it.

  13. For me being an African man, though married to a Bengali lady, its easy to scare these kids away. I will simply roar like a hungry lion and you see them racing home like Usain Bolt. The kids are not a problem to me but the ladies that cry babies and ask you for milk to feed the babies.

    1. Well, guys are normally scarier looking than women, and women often are a better target for giving...LOL :)