Friday, June 10, 2011

Surprises in India

Yesterday I had gone out to pick up a snack for DH and I, so I took a rickshaw from our house to the closest Subway. The fare is Rs 15 (33 cents or so) and so off we went. Well...I had gotten some 10 rupee coins (instead of bills) the other day so I had given the rickshaw wallah 5 coins, a 10 rupee coin, 2 2 rupee coins, and a 1 rupee coin. He looked at the amount of coins, and started to say, "dekhun...(look...)" when I said, "Dada, dekhun, ekta dosh-ta taka kuchro achhe. (Dada, look there is a 10 rupee coin)" to which he replied, "oh, achchha! (oh, ok...)" and started laughing. Apparently he had never heard or seen a 10 rupee coin (I think?) and no idea that is what I had given him and then I went on my way.

Next...I crossed the street and got the subs we wanted. :-) Then, I flagged down an auto rickshaw, because the intersection was quite congested and I didn't want to have to walk across it, and asked him "opar-e jabe? (will go you above? above meaning to the other side of the crossing) and to which he replied yes. So I get in the auto. The fare is 4 rupees (around 10 cents) and when I tried to give him a 10 rupee note he just waved his hand, I had assumed he meant to give it to him later, so again, when we crossed and had stopped I tried again. This time he said, "Naa, thak, thak (No, leave it, leave it)"

Never before have I had someone not take the fare, even if it is only Rs 4. I was surprised and shocked, and went on my way to come back home. :-)

Oh, and our cook has been absent the last 2 nights (and like 3 or 4 days before that...) because she got hit by a bus! At least she is ok, and is not more seriously injured. :-) This also means DH has to cook for me...or we order in (LOL) or his sister or mother cook, because I only know how to make maggi, toast, eggs, and tea.


  1. Hi, when you say you only know how to make maggi, toast, eggs and t is it to do with the equipment you have there? I'm asking because I struggle to cook when I come to India due to no proper oven etc.

  2. Girl you need to buy some of those ready made meals that you just heat and eat. They are usually on the maggi aisle at larger stores. You can't mess them up lol. Though, Subway is nice!

  3. @Bangla

    Mostly yes...and the ingredients, and spices are different...when I have my own house then it will be different because I will make sure I have the right equipment, even if it is only a microwave oven.

    @White Bhabi

    Ugh, those are horrible! :-) I'm good...hopefully tomorrow DH will take me out :)

  4. Wow, have never seen such a large hearted rickshaw driver in Mumbai ever....unbelievable !!

  5. @AAD,

    I know!! When we were in Delhi for the first 3 days I was in India, when we wanted to go to the US Embassy my husband had asked at the front desk how much it should be, they said Rs 50 for an auto. Well, upon seeing me the driver asked for Rs 70, and then on coming back, husband told me to hang back a bit (which still happens, but not often) and the driver returning to the hotel said Rs 50.

    So, I'm more used to getting over charged.

  6. Hi - when do you think you will move out?
    I go crazy really even though we only come for a month, there are always difficulties with my mashi (it's our flat but she lives there) she put some oil in my olive oil bottle which must have been empty (with fish or nut or mustard whatever) and I used it in my son's food (he has a nut allergy, also chick peas, fish etc so I have to be careful:( On my part, I threw out her 'ganger jol' by mistake!! Because it was in old Kinley bottles, it didn't look 'holy' and I thought she was keeping old water and someone might drink it and get sick. I also had to hid the corned beef I'd brought from England after my MIL said it would offend mashi. I do appreciate this but most if not all allergens are proteins (I think lactose and gluten are proteins) If you think about it nuts, fish, lentils etc these are proteins. So my son cannot have dal, chick peas and so on even green peas so I'm trying to get protein in other ways, it's not to be offensive, it's a medical thing. I don't mind being vegetarian for a month for myself, that would be great. Anyhow, there's lamb and chicken, won't take any corned beef next time! We can't be far from you, off Prince Anwar Shah Road.

  7. @BD

    Hopefully by the end of the year? Lets see :-)

    Yes, you live quite near to us in fact :-)

  8. When you move out you can get a normal electric convection oven and microwave in one. We got one last summer from Spencers. It looks like a microwave but it's both made by Samsung. You have to be a bit careful as there are tins etc you can use when it's on convection but not when it's a microwave and because the turn table moves and it makes the same whirring noise regardless I keep rushing over to check what symbol is showing. It cooks less well in the middle kind of like a microwave does. But it was fine I made home made pizza and cake. A nut allery is a nightmare in India - bad enough here!!

  9. Off to Kolkata on 3 August! Let me know if you feel like meeting for a cha na coffee...I am rubbish at being witty as you can see!
    I get quite lonely, I think it is having the children with us so my husband and I can't just go here and there. Used to having all their toys and friends near and big space. They do keep a few toys in Kal.

  10. @mybangladiary

    sure! :-) I'm up for cha na coffee :-)

  11. admit it milady... you simply enjoy my cooking :)


  12. That would be nice. I've sent you an email - check it's not in the Junk Mail folder! Entitled Cha na coffee.