Friday, January 28, 2011

Noise, Loud noise, and just a ton of noise!!!

Well, apparently yesterday the elder son of one of our neighbors got married, and per the custom brought his bride home to his parents house today.

Well...OMG NOISE!!!!!!!! The house seems suddenly FULL of people!!! Not only are they constantly blowing on the conch shell (which in and of itself is quite annoying) but the ladies were making some howling sounds, ok, DH says its more a "woooo, wooo, wooo" sound, and its called ululation!

Then!! OMG, they were yelling over and over and over and over! grrrrrrrr

Then DH and I went out for dinner tonight and we were sitting by a group of young annoying (somewhat drunk) teenagers. They weren't so bad, but OMG, about 5 minutes before we left, some chick comes in with this horribly huge thick black rimmed glasses! UTTERLY UGLY!!!!!!!! She happened to come right when they were saying, "last orders", so she quickly placed her order. The waiter came and poured the drink, and she was like, "ooooohhhh, yummyyyyyyyyy!!!" over and over, as each peg was being poured, every time getting a little louder. Then she started to sing to the drink, at that point I told DH to get his ass up we were leaving, because I wasn't subjecting myself to that.

That's my rant for the night. Maybe I'll post some tomorrow if we go to the neighbors son's reception.

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