Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Today, I love my friends, and my mommy :-)

Days like today make me smile. I woke up early to attend a conference with DH and while I was up, I was messaged by a friend. She had just arrived in Kolkata from the US and had asked me when I could pick up my items. So after a hectic day, I arrived at her house at 5pm.

There I was greeted by my 2 twin nephews :-), who are super cute! I gave mashi-ma (aunty) the sweets I had purchased for them, as per normal tradition (this I was told by DH today...) and went in and spoke to my friend for like 2 hours. My nephew proceeded to tell me how his brother "drowned" while they were in Singapore. Apparently there was a bridge over a small koi pond in the airport. The brother had been leaning over to see inside the pond, and promptly fell in, swallowing some "yucky" water. LOL it was so cute, the brother got such a kick out of the fact that his brother "drowned" ROFL

It was a nice little break, but what made me *SO* happy was that my mom had sent a package to her before they left. My mommy sent me $$$, some real hairbands (I just can't handle the ones here...) and my friend had brought me some of my favorite chips and chocolate. Oh, how it made my day. I have only eaten 2 chips, but now I am in a much better mood! How the small things make you smile :-)

Oh, btw, some funny things. The other day I saw a bakery that sells "pestry" (I'll try to get a photo of it...)


  1. The little things make such a difference when you are living abroad... When I was a foreign exchange student in Germany my mom sent me my favorite toothpaste and a box of Oreos and I felt like I was in heaven!

  2. @Saathi,

    I agree!! It made my day!! :-)

  3. @Saathi- wow...I studied abroad in Germany also. There are a couple of us with that Germany and India connection it seems. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and write that I really loved this post. It gave me cheerful good feelings. Packages from home are absolutely the best!

  4. @Aman, thanks! I appreciate your comment :-)

    Yes, packages from home are the best!! :-) Although, I am looking forward to being able to have the things that can't be brought, like soda and fast food and stuff when we hopefully go visit this year! :-)

  5. When one of my friends was teaching in Delhi, her mom sent her a package of her favorite traditional Mexican Christmas cookies. When the package arrived, the cookies were gone, but there was a note from the customs officer saying, "Sorry we ate your cookies.

  6. @Blonde Bahu,

    woah! i woulda pitched a fit. that's why i have friends bring the items, so i know they will get here safely.