Monday, January 10, 2011

The Truth About Heads...

So...tonight while I was warming up dinner, I lost about half of my appetite.

We had daal (lentils) with fish head...yuck!!

What I can't stomach is the head...the eyes staring back at you, the thought of eating brain, just thinking about it is making me gag.

Well...yeah, am I the only one that can't handle it??

These days my mother-in-law has our fish kept separately if the rest of the families fish will have heads.


  1. No, you are not the only one. That would make me gag, too. I remember when I was in Haiti and I realized that the fried fish I was eating was entirely intact. I about gagged as well.

  2. fish eyes are supposed to be a delicacy .


  3. In America we are so used to disguising food,that we dont identify food or thier sources. Would many children eat the chicken nuggets they devour when they find out they are a from a little white chicken running around?There are some traditions though, like Pig roast (gross) and may times /salmon are served whole and baked so to each thier own

  4. @Aman,

    :-) such is life


    yeah...i know, i was just venting :-) I have nothing against others eating them...

  5. Yum(c)y!.. moong dal with fish head is absolutely delightful if done right. Plus you get extra 'brainy' lol. No it isn't zombie cuisine here.

  6. the dish is an absolute delicacy with those who love it. When I was a child, even though I ate fish, I had problem eating this dish. But, i got used to it with the passage of time. You need not force yourself too hard. Just do, what you love to do...

  7. @Invincible Dreams

    Yeah...I'm getting there, I used to not like ghee or anything cooked in mustard oil / I'm liking it more and more, it just takes some gettin' used to! :-)

  8. Haha, I remember one time my mother in law tried to force the fish head onto me, thinking she was giving me the best part of the dish (she loves it!). She couldn't understand my disgust. BTW, I refused to eat it! ;-)