Saturday, April 06, 2013


Lately, there has been a lot going on in our lives.

The bank has lost a considerable amount that was deposited by me via check, but thankfully we have found out where the check went (wrongly deposited to someone else's account...) and we are working on getting it fixed. :-) Plus work drama as DH will likely lose 2 of his clients this year due to people changing jobs and retiring. *sigh* Guess it really is time to get going on my visa conversions.

We've had a lot of yummy food these days, chinese food and all...still have yet to try Amigo's, the newest mexican food restaurant in Kolkata...we went to go on Sunday with a friend, and arrived at 215pm, and there were no free tables, so made a reservation (courtesy...) for 3pm and they said when a table gets empty they would call us, so we went to go sit at a Barista nearby to await the phone call. 3pm, nothing...330 rolls around and they call us and said they had expected us by 3 and should they hold the table for us? Now...if you look at their Facebook page they say they are open from 11am-11pm (last time I looked it said 11am-3pm, and 7pm-11pm, so they must have just changed their hours recently) so thinking that they closed at 3 we chose to go somewhere else, Tung Fong (off of Park Street) because I didn't want rushed food. Needless to say I was disappointed since this is the 2nd time we have planned to go (first time got cancelled because DH wasn't feeling well...). Now we will have a bigger group when we actually go because so many people want to go.

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