Monday, April 08, 2013

Raj's Spanish Cafe, 7 Sudder Street

I heard about this place, called Raj's Spanish Cafe, a long while back from a friend. I had been wanting to go and one day DH wanted to go and we looked up the directions, but then decided he would eat something at home, so we never went.

Then one day I went out with my friend, P, to New Market to buy a few things and we ended up here. The first time I didn't take any photos, but the food was amazing. I ordered a Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni (Rs 125 or $2.29), while P ordered the Pollo (chicken) platter (for Rs 150 or $2.75). The cannelloni weren't the best. It was a square of about 4-5 inches by 3-4 inches. There was hardly any ricotta cheese, it basically was a bit mixed in with the spinach and blocking the ends, and there wasn't enough sauce. Hardly worth the 125 rupees I paid. P got her chicken, it was 2 long thin strips of chicken, with a small salad on the side (lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, capsicum) and a good amount of french fries. I can't remember what coffee drink she had, but she loved it, while I ordered a iced tea. The ice tea was made with a tea bag (Twinnings Breakfast tea) and was quite sour (even for me...) and after I added 2 small packages of sugar it was palatable. Since I was still hungry I also ordered the mediteranean salad (Rs 80 or $1.47) which was AMAZING. It was this big plate of lettuce, with capsicum, tomato, carrot, black olives and a dollop of feta cheese on top. They had some oil and vinegar on the side and I poured that stuff on like there was no tomorrow! Loved it! The customer service is pretty good...Also I think here you can get internet for like Rs 25 ($0.46) an hour (seeing as some lady told the guy at the register 2 hours and gave him a Rs 50 note.)

Now, I went with a friend on Saturday and ordered a bowl of hot and sour soup (Rs 40 or $0.73) and the mediteranean salad, and a iced tea (this time made with twinnings lemon tea) while my friend, A, ordered the chicken salad (Rs 120 or $2.20) and the tuna sandwich (Rs 70 or $1.28), which was basically just 3 slices of wheat bread with a slight layer of tuna on it.

The soup was ok, it was a from a Knorr's package, I saw them pouring it in the pot, but it came with 2 slices of bread, slightly soft and hard, so perfect! The salad came, and I noticed they gave me a bigger dollop of feta cheese today, so that made me super happy! A got his salad and was happy (he'd never had so much of lettuce before!) and also some iced mocha cafe (Rs 70, or $1.28) which he said was pretty good. All in all, I was happy and it only cost me Rs 425 ($7.79).

Here are some photos :

My hot and sour soup

My mediteranean salad

chicken salad

My iced tea

A's Iced Mocha Cafe


  1. Yummy stuff!

    Do you realize that you've become Indian in your speech patterns (unbeknownst to you, perhaps)?

    Spanish cuisine notwithstanding, you said "capsicum" instead of "green pepper" as a true-blue American would! :)

    1. Haha yeah, thanks I know I said's all I hear these days instead of green pepper, so it's kinda habit? :-)

  2. At the beginning, I used to go there for breakfast. I liked it because it gave a brief truce to my poor stomach with delicious dishes of which I especially remember those chocolate shakes and the crispy tibetan bread with honey.
    I still remember they had a wide variety of traditional and international dishes so I wish I could have had more time, to try a few more.
    Thanks for share this information! Great blog!
    I've just start working in a blog too which one of it's first posts is about Kolkata. It's still in embryonic stage but I hope to shape it little by little and provide an English translation too.