Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wait, this is 2D not 3D??

The other night DH and I went to see Sherlock Holmes : The Game of Shadows. I had gone earlier in the day to buy the tickets, since we have had a lot of attempts lately at wanting to buy movie tickets but finding them sold out. I went and purchased the 2 tickets, and was given a receipt for 3D glasses, which at the point I thought was strange because on the website it didn't say anything about it being a 3D movie. Well, we arrived at the theater and went through security, and picked up our 3D glasses.

We got into the theater and put on our 3D glasses, and realized that the glasses weren't needed, they were just making the movie worse. Then while were watching the movie, all of a sudden DH pointed out to me that there was one of the employee's that was asking everyone about 3D glasses, somehow they figured out that there was a pair and they knew there was no need. Well, the employee went on to ask almost everyone but us about the glasses. This happened not only once, but twice, and both times neither of us were asked, why we weren't asked I have no idea. Well, DH was kinda pissed at this point because you have to pay a Rs 10 (around US 20 cents, each pair) non-refundable deposit for the glasses.

When the movie was over, DH grabbed the glasses and went out with them intending to make a fuss to get our Rs 20 back, and standing there was an employee watching out for the glasses. Before DH could even start in on them about giving us our money back, the employee handed DH Rs 20. DH had told him that I had come to purchase the tickets this morning and left it at that and told them to be more careful. To this I added “Jodi dorkar chillo na, keno aamake diyechhen?” (If there was no need, why did they give the me the ticket?) To this there was no reply, and DH grabbed my hand and stormed off, loudly saying as “Don't worry, I'll talk to the manager”.

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