Wednesday, January 04, 2012

He hung up on me???

Sometimes I answer DH's phone, today was one of those days. I answered it the first time and then I heard the hanging up sound, so I thought whatever. Then the same number called back, let it rang like once and hung up. Then...they called back. At this point, I was quite annoyed because DH was trying to sleep.

I answered the phone and the guy asked for DH, I asked him where he was calling from to which he replied "Reliance" (Reliance is who we have our internet through). I then asked him why he was calling, to which he replied bill payment.

Now...our bill is usually due on the 13th or 14th of each month, or it was, before they changed the billing cycle last month. So, I knew something was fishy...I was pretty sure the bill wasn't due by the 4th because DH would have gotten the e-mail and sent me to deposit the check.

So, then sensing something is up, I ask the guy when the bill was due. He replied, the 9th. I know today's date was the 4th, so I tersely asked him why he was calling if our bill wasn't due. I informed him that the bill would be paid before the due date, and again asked him WHY he was calling before it was even due. His response??

Instead of giving me a satisfactory answer, or an answer at all, he hung up on me!!!

Shouldn't I, the irritated customer, be the one hanging up due to the fact I wasn't given a satisfactory answer? Is this the kind of customer service people they are training these days, and pushing upon us. Seriously, this guy got lucky. I was a bit snappish with him, but he's very lucky he didn't get DH, or he would have gotten an earful before he hung up. *sigh*


  1. This is a fairly common thing and, complaining about this to the customer service doesn't really work. I guess that service agents receive some incentive about pushing folks to pay before the due date going to the extent of facilitating cash collection.

  2. I'm pretty sure I read a newspaper article not too long ago about a scam where people call and do this. It may be good he hung up on you after all.

  3. @White Bhabi,

    No...I'm certain it was the correct people. These people have done this before... :-)