Saturday, November 05, 2011

Whats going on...

Apologies for not posting anything lately. I've spent the last week or so sick, fever since Tuesday, and just not feeling up to doing anything lately. I suppose this is how it goes.

News...hopefully by the beginning of next month DH's work schedule will slow down and we will be able to start the visa process. Yes, I'm still here on a tourist visa...which means we still have about 6 months or so before I can do anything fun again, like working! I know...working isn't fun, but when you've been doing nothing (except reading books and watching movies) for about 2 1/2 years it gets old. I'm looking forward to having something to do again! :-)

Also, I registered today for Hindi classes at the local language school where I learned Bengali. Let's hope that I have better luck with the teacher and that the teacher teaches me useful vocabulary. I start on Tuesday so then I will have a better idea of what I will learn. It is a 52 month course (I didn't know this earlier...) and costs Rs 500 (US$10) a month. Let us see how the first 6 months go and if it is of any real use to me. :-)


LOL DH just got home. He told me he received a phone call from a lady at the school. They apparently thought I was a guy because they couldn't read my name properly on the application. They told him my first class is not Tuesday, but about ruining my day. My first class is now on my birthday...grrr

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