Friday, October 21, 2011

Did you say you were a Nokia Priority Store? Seriously!?

DH managed to break his clip that holds the holster on his belt for his Nokia N900 (for those of you who have no idea about phones, this is more of a computer than a phone...) and thus is carrying the phone in just the holster. Now people, let me tell you why this worries me. I've heard stories about DH leaving things and losing them. Umbrellas, expensive cameras left in the front seat of a cab...this phone is not something I want him to lose. So...I ventured out Wednesday to see if I could find him something. I went to the road side store I usually buy the screen covers at, and they had a flip cover, but not what I wanted. So I proceeded to all the other stores around, and still nothing.

Then today since I had to go to the mall anyways, I went to the Nokia Priority store. Well...I went in and asked if they had a carrying case for the N900 to which I was asked if I had the phone, which I did not. The sales representative said to me, quite rudely, that I *HAD* to have the phone with me. To which I said, "ki dorkar achhe? aapnar product janen na?" (what need is there? do you not know you product?) At this point he pointed me to the sales counter. There I went, and as there was another customer, I waited patiently for my turn. The man at the counter then proceeded to ask me if the phone was like the guy had. I don't know what phone he had, but I proceeded to tell them that No, it was nothing like this phone. It was shorter, and fatter.

Seriously, Nokia India...shouldn't your sales people know about your products? The people at the road side store and at the other stores at least knew the phone I was talking about. Ridiculous!!


  1. That is ridiculous! It's not like you wear asking for a holster for another brand of phone.
    I actually never been fond of Nokia phones even in Switzerland because of crappy battery life and too easy wear and tear of some parts, all my friends kept cribbing about theirs and then my Alcatel broke (it was a huge phone) and I was forced to go for the cheapest handset available as I had limited funds, back then the 3310 was all the rage, and promotions on that one came easy, so that's what I got stuck with, and true to any Nokia phone owners I started cribbing about it fast, the battery started acting up a few months after I bought the damn phone, the store said it was my fault as I didn't let it charge well and wait for it to go flat to charge again, but I swear the damn thing was defectuous, a year into owning the damn phone I couldn't go half a day without charging it...grrr Needless to say that after that bad experience with their most Iconic design of the time, I gave up on Nokia, most of my friends who upgraded for better model in the brand were left cribbing some more while I was going 5-6 days on stand by on a rather unfashionable Sony Ericsson :)
    Now hearing how you get treated on in a Nokia Priority center...that isn't warming me up to the brand either :)

  2. Hi :) I'm a new reader, hope you don't mind!

    The problem with sales people is that you don't need to know anything about the product anymore, you just need to know how to work a computer. But of course, that doesn't fix everything.


  3. @Cyn...I love my new phone, I've had no problems getting a phone cover for it, but then again, I've seen a lot of people with this phone...the only time I saw the N900 in other people's hands was when DH and I were at a geek conference in BLR...

    @Jasmine Welcome! Exactly...they *should* know their products, but they don't. And *THAT* is their problem...