Wednesday, August 24, 2011

17th August 2011 (Wednesday)

We woke up early (I swear, I have never seen 5 or 6 am, so many times in 1 week, except when I went to Bangalore for a conference). We had to catch a train to the next site, and so off we went. Nothing really interesting happened during the day, I spent the day at the site because we were not staying in that city for the night, and so had to sit in the air conditioning all day, and ended up with a cold. Yuck! We had our lunch, which was chicken byirani with raita :-) Then returned and finished up the work, and took a train to Bishnupur.

Well, we arrived just in time, as we got on the platform the train started to pull away like 2 seconds later and so I grabbed onto the 2 handles by the door and jumped up, and then grabbed the heavy suitcase from DH so he could jump on. 3 of our party had gotten on the car, and 1 had gotten on the in front of us, and yeah, it reminded me of a scene from Jab We Met, where the girl is jumping on the train. It was amazing to me that I had jumped on to the train and even more so that I had grabbed the heavy suitcase from DH with no problems! :-)

Then we checked into our hotel, where the cook asked us what we wanted for dinner, and we were able to tell him exactly what we wanted and how we wanted it. We had rice, daal, egg curry and something else I can't remember, then we slept because we were going to be playing tourist the next day.

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