Wednesday, August 24, 2011

16th August 2011 (Tuesday)

Last night we didn't sleep. There was too much work to be fit into the night, we were cleaning up our room and packing. As well, as making sure we had everything one could possibly need for 5 days of traveling.

Our train was at 6 a.m. And we left our house at about 510am, and were on our way. After arriving at the train station we waited for the rest of our party before boarding the train that would take us to Purulia. It's a long distance local train, so thankfully we had our tickets booked and confirmed earlier so we had seats. There were a few (who didn't have confirmed seating) who were just sitting in the seats hoping and praying that the person with that assigned seat didn't show up.

The train left at around 6am, and our journey began. We were just in the chair class, after one of our group asking DH if I would be ok in a non-AC chair car, and off we went. It was amazing, there were so many wallah's (good sellers) coming through the compartment. They were selling all sorts of food, toys (including games, key chains, flashlights and fingernail clippers) and other sorts of goodies.

We managed to fall asleep, however, I kept getting woken up by the calling of the wallah's at first. Our first stop was , where we had breakfast of luchi and alu torkuri (luchi and potato curry) which wasn't bad at all. Then we re-boarded the train and kept on our journey.

We arrived in Purulia about 1130 or 12, where we then checked into our hotel, and freshened up and ate our lunch which consisted of rice, fish, alu posto (potato with poppy seed paste), daal and some fried potatoes. After lunch the rest of the party went over to the work site, whereas I opted to stay back and rest since there would be really no need for me to go. I slept most of the day and watched tv. Later DH and the rest returned, and we had our dinner. Dinner consisted of 4 roti, some chicken, and daal fry. Then we went to bed, so we could wake up and be on our way.

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