Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Look Mommy I spoke to a white lady!!

Today I was running around doing errands. I needed to pick up a cd for a friend coming to visit next month, and I had not been able to find it at South City Mall or Highland Park, so the next step was Park Street.

After dropping off the necessary papers and having a fresh lime soda with a friend, I headed off to the metro. While sitting on the bench, minding my own business and  waiting for the train to come this is what transpired :

Young Man: Ma'am what country are you from?
Me : US
YM : Ok, are you working here?
Me : No
YM : How long have you been here?
Me : Almost 2 years
YM : Where do you stay?
Me : My house
YM : What do you do here?
Me : My husband is Bangali.
YM :Oh, ok


YM : How do you like Kolkata?
Me : I like it fine
YM : I don't like it. Kolkata is an ugly city.
Me : No its not
YM : Yes, Kolkata is an ugly city. Mumbai is pretty.
Me : Um, ok, sure

um, what the heck? This is the first time I have anyone in the last (almost) 2 years tell me that they hate this city. I happen to love this city. The noises, the smells, the people. Everything!!! :-)


  1. The grass is always greener on the other side. Every teenager (I guess I'm imagining this guy as a teenager? Am I wrong?) thinks that the place where they live is a drab hellhole that they need to escape.

    My husband is from Mumbai (which I don't really consider beautiful because I like trees!), so I read this to him. He said he would have told the kid to get himself an education and move to Mumbai ASAP!

    I have only been to Kolkata airport. I was actually really nervous because of the things I've heard people say about the city. It really wasn't that bad. I've been thinking about writing a post about the regional stereotypes I've heard from Indians.

  2. @Blonde Bahu,

    He was probably around my age...25 or so...anyways, I let it roll of my back with no worries. It bugged me a little that someone would say something like that about their own home. Oh, well, I guess to each their own. :-)

  3. This is funny :) I've never been to Kolkata, but I have a friend who is from there and she said that after bangalore this is the best place in India to live in.
    I lived in Mumbai...ugh!!!! I can't call that city even remotely beautiful LOL It's loud, dirty, noisy, polluted and half of the heritage building look like they are going to just crumble down to a pile of rocks any minute, plus there aren't enough trees for my taste, I'm glad to have just left that place :)

  4. i should really thank you, for I love Kolkata, and I think it is a really nice place to live. There may be some problems, some issues, but, which place in the world remains free from problems. Thanks, and i really hope that you have understood the spirit of the city...

    "valo theko"...

  5. @Invincible Dreams,

    I think every city has issues, its not just Kolkata. :-)

  6. Hating Kolkata comes naturally when one lives there. It's only when one moves out of the city, one tarts missing it sorely!