Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flame and Grill

Last night DH and I went out with a friend for some drinks at Oly Pub on Park St and then we headed over to Flame and Grill for dinner. There were just 3 of us, but oooohhhhhhhh, damn the food was good.

The cost was about Rs 1525 (or something like that...) but we were able to have unlimited kebabs and then a buffet...with both dinner items and a delish array of desserts!

 Here is a view of the inside of the restaurant.

Here are the condiments a yummy green (mint) sauce, and red (tamarind) sauce, with oil and brush for basting the kebabs!

The red flag reads, "Please turn down to discontinue starter service." This was the first thing DH tested. :-)

The waiter is placing the kebabs on the table. If you look closely on the right side of the grill, you can see the blue flame. :-)

Prawns, boneless chicken, chicken wings, amritsari fish, mutton sheek kebabs.

 The waiter is serving the kebabs.

 DH's plate full of kebabs! After this we had to stop eating kebabs!

After eating all those chicken kebab's I had chosen to eat veg! It was yummy!!

 DH's plate of succulent lamb done about just right and served at exactly 18 deg Centigrade with the chicken biriyani. It wasn't the Kolkata biriyani. Anjan Chatterjee and his planners have decided to give the quinessential aloo (potato) a miss from the biriyani. Good stuff!

My friends plate, with a different variety of food!

DH always needs to visit the bathroom in between, what he found was a pleasant surprise!

They used a copper handi for wash basin with a quaint brass tap and the wrought iron knocker for the door handle.

(ok, the sign not really ;-) more the sink!)

Then after the bathroom break it was on to dessert!!!

We were spoilt for choice, as we were the only ones there! 
This was my first round of dessert, lots of mousse!! Mango mousse, strawberry mousse, chocolate mousse!!!

 This was my second round of dessert! More mousse! This time more mango mousse, and some litchi mousse!! FANTASTIC!!!

 All my empty dessert bowls!
DH's plate of suji halwa and langcha.


  1. Great to see you and I having a great time!!

    Good food and good company!!


    Looks delish but comes at a price!

  2. Oh my gosh. I'm absolutely drooling. lol. Thanks for the visual treat. Glad you got to eat it and enjoy. :-)

  3. Yumm, looks delicious.
    There is a similar restaurant in Bangalore called Barbecue Nation, I've never been to that restaurant without feeling properly stuffed after a round or two of Kebabs which they say is just the starter, the truth is they are just so yummy I never showed much interest in the main course or dessert LOL

  4. wow. super stuff! we expect more this weekend.

  5. This must be new on Park Street ...looks heavenly though!

  6. @JJ,

    yes, it was opened recently, just during this durga puja. It was delish! :-)