Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do All Salesmen Lie?

Well, right around the Durga Puja's DH told me that he wanted to go see Peepli Live! so I looked and found that one was playing that afternoon. So off we went. I had also been telling me (for a very long time!!) that he needed to buy new jeans. So we went and watched the movie, which was in Hindi, so it needed to be translated for me! We were wandering around the mall when we spotted a Levi's store, and so we went in. DH starts looking around and then said, "lets go" so we left. I asked him what was up, and he told me that he didn't like the store because it was trying to be something it wasn't. We proceeded on our expedition for jeans, and ended up at the Lee store. They were very helpful and we managed to find 2 pairs of jeans that DH purchased. Well, here, if the pants are too long they will alter them for you (no additional charge) within a day or 2 (or if in cases of emergencies or flights same-day is possible). So we left the jeans with the store and were told to come back 2 days later to retrieve the jeans.


I arrive at the mall about 30 minutes or so before the scheduled time to pick up the jeans, so I wandered around. Just at 5pm I went to the store and was told that the jeans had not been completed that day and that they had spoken to DH and told him they would be ready tomorrow. Fine, no big deal! So out I went and then I called DH and asked him why if they had told him that they weren't ready he hadn't relayed the message to me? He proceeded to say he received no such call (missed calls yes, but he was in meetings and unable to take them!). So, then I was angry! I went back to the store and started going off. With my New York attitude, not so hard! I was furious because they had point-blank lied to me!

I went in and started let them have it, I attempted to scold them in bangla, but my bangla was not holding up well, and I was seriously screwing it up! So then I proceeded to english. I asked them WHY they had told me that they had told DH they would be ready tomorrow, when in fact they had not spoken to DH at all? Merely had called him! Why not just tell me the truth! Then the store manager said to me, "Madam, come back in 1 hour, they will be ready." I said ok, and wandered around the mall some more.

Meanwhile, they had again called DH and apologized and he explained to them why I was so angry. After an hour I went back and picked up the jeans.

The it is decided I need to buy some new jeans as the ones I currently own are getting worn-out. I decide to head to the same Lee store, knowing I will get the best service. I walk in and they are all like, "Madam, yes, how can we help you?" and proceeded to help me pick out a pair of jeans, after discarding most of the options (cause I ain't gonna wear no skinny leg jeans!!). Thank goodness those jeans were already the correct length, so there was no need to alter them.

Well, yesterday I went back to this same store to purchase another pair of jeans. I told them I don't want skinny leg pants at all!! So they look over the whole store looking for my correct size and desire. I found a pair I liked, and since they were long on me, they would have to be altered. They said they would come back tomorrow, and I said, "pucca?" (you sure?), yes they responded. I'm ringing up the purchase, the poor guy who got the brunt of my rage last time walks in, and tells me, "yes, madam, they will be ready tomorrow" and proceeds to tell the other salesmen that I had already had a problem. He was claiming that the problem was because of the puja's and that the alterations were not ready, and I told him that was incorrect, it was because they had lied.

So I went back today to pick up my jeans, almost hoping that they weren't done, so I could be a total raving lunatic again for a good reason...ok, not really, but you know, it woulda been fun!! And they were ready :-)


  1. I guess they probably thought they could get over on you since you are "foreign".

    Little do they know that us gori girls are actually pretty smart and can figure those things out.

    I think I would have had a little something to say as well. I wonder what kind of crazy stories I will have like this, cos I'm sure I will end up giving someone a piece of me at least once or twice.

    They must really think us gori's are absolutely crazy :)

    Loving your blog,

  2. @Kat,

    I've had that happen plenty of times! Fortunately this gori doesn't put up with people's crap!!


    - S

  3. Ah the lies! I think I have enough experiences to write a book :-(
    And last May or so I even got lied blatantly to my face in front of witnesses at the post office, that was the last straw I think I terrorised that lady for good with all the screaming and then went home to fume in a Blog entry :-)

    I never had problem with clothes alterations though, most stores in Bangalore generally try to do it within the hour, I bought a few at Lee too because they have the best fit, but since I hate skinny jeans or all these insane low waist that expose about 2 inches of butt crack when you sit down in the ladies section I buy them in the men's section (aka unisex) and they all need to be chopped of quite a few inches, I think the longest I waited for an alteration on my jeans was half a day.

  4. If u haven’t got it yet - yes spot on! India is a country of billion people and million scams :). But hey, not just goris in anguish here, be fair we desis who’ve lived all our lives here perpetually know that its relentless and unchangeable. Today my driver stole gas; yesterday got fake medicines, goods that we paid for never arrived the other day, someone lied and duped us with fake dollar bills … list is eternal.

    Don’t get angry, get even. I’ve felt power of internet making inroads. I post my disappointment with material and services in India on and . Guess what, im receiving quite a few positive results since then. And its helping spread awareness about a particular store or a brand. Competition is big these days, so customer service simply isn't ignored.

  5. When in India never expect you'll get things done 'on time'. If you're told to get something say 'by 20th Nov' then in reality it's actually 20th + 4 or 5 days or more. Even if you get written document like receipt. And this type of 'delays' are considered 'normal'. If any Indians tell you that s/he will come at 9am on friday then it's highly likely s/he will turn up on the saturday morning!

  6. @Konar

    yeah...I know...I really don't like it!!

    I am always about being on time!! Just my luck, I would marry DH who is CONSTANTLY late, and everyone has come to expect that from him!! *sigh*

  7. Being a foreigner has nothing to do with it....

    Vishav had the same problem getting his engagement outfit...

    It is a typical Indian service mentality that they need a boot up their ass before they do any work...

    They wrote on Vishav's receipt the time to collect us assuring it would be ready - it wasn't and we were to go to the Golden Temple to get engaged.

    Thankfully MIL stepped in and his outfit was ready in an hour...

    You should read about my tailor in my post about buying Salwar kameez in India.


  8. Hehe - just caught Andy's comment....

    I love how all storekeepers check the money you give them!!!

    As if these beggars know what a real 500RS note looks like anyway!!

  9. @Bad Bhabhi

    That's a very disrespectful comment. And not quite right, either. They may not earn as many Rs.500 notes as we blow in one round of shopping (which is, in fact, a shame), but most are perfectly able to spot a fake.