Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Funny things

So...a friend's son had his 4th birthday party on Sunday (27th) and we had purchased him a gift. There was some ideas to make given with the gift. Here are some "examples" that made me laugh and grab my camera!!

This looks more like a loaf of french bread to me than a hot dog?!?!

Um, since when do we carve watermelons? and since when do they look more like pumpkins, and have a stem??

Ok...this one i can't figure out how to flip it on here...but seriously, a clown that looks like a freaking snowman, and a lamb, that as DH puts it looks like a baby moose with a "with either a wardrobe malfunction or an off-shoulder dress" rofl...

I mean seriously...do the people who make these things up even know what they are drawing? or so do they just draw what they "THINK" something should look like??

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